All our trainees are very well supported both within their placement hospitals and via the East of England training programme.

On-site support

All our hospitals have dedicated experienced training managers who lead the foundation training programme within their trust and provide support for all practice and educational supervisors.


 As a trainee you will have your designated foundation programme educational supervisor who will provide you with guidance and support on all aspects of your rotational training and any external placements.  They will also guide you through the collection of evidences and building up of your e-portfolio, which they assess on a regular basis.

Additional support is provided through scheduled visits by a placement supervisor, who is a member of the UEA programme delivery team. Placement supervisors have a dual role as follows:

•    Monitoring the quality of the foundation trainees’ learning experiences
•    Providing external advice and support to both trainees and educational supervisors


For more details about support provided by individual hospitals visit the hospitals index.


UEA study programme and Virtual Learning Environment

Your workplace learning is complemented and supported by the UEA study programme. This consists of a series of study blocks where you are taught by a range of experts on a wide variety of topics relevant to the GPhC assessment framework. The sessions are designed to be highly interactive and follow innovative learning approaches that cater for all learning styles.

As a trainee, you will have access to a Virtual Learning Environment on UEA Blackboard dedicated to foundation pharmacist training. This is used as a portal for all communications, learning resources from all study sessions and GPhC style assessments provided as part of the study programme.

The programme delivery team is committed to ensuring that all trainees are well prepared for the GPhC registration assessment, so we provide opportunities for you to complete formal full-length practise assessments towards the end of the training year..


Networking with Foundation training programme managers/educational supervisors

We facilitate regular meetings with the East of England Foundation Training Programme Managers Group to share best practice and ideas for improvement of the overall training experiences of all trainees in the East of England.


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